Favorite Food Narrative

Idea Base:

  • Mum’s homemade mac n cheese
  • Brings back memories of not seeing my sister as as child but my mum would always make it as like a special occasion food for when my sister was coming up to visit because it’s her favorite. As a kid I never really saw my sister very much because she’s technically my half-sister (and also 11 years older than me) and she didn’t live with us, instead she lived with her father so I only saw her every few months or so. Now that were both older however she tries to visit or plan something every other weekend or so now.
  • Would always hover over my mum and talk to her as she prepared everything because I liked to eat all the different cheeses and I am honestly terrible at cooking
  • Probably begin the essay setting the scene describing making the meal with my mum and my sister arriving at my house??

Final Paper

Devon Maloney

Professor Jesse Miller

English 110 G

14 September, 2016

Favourite Meal

I can remember coming home on the bus from elementary school all excited for the weekend. My mum would bring me grocery shopping friday night to help her gather the ingredients needed for our “special meal.” The list was always long and extensive with various cheeses, pastas, and appetizers. I enjoyed sitting on the counter as my mum prepared various cheeses for the recipe, letting me try each slice as it was freshly cut. The cheddars, the mozzarellas, even the artificial Velveeta, all giving the kitchen a mouth-watering aroma, especially when all melting together in the oven. Maybe it is all the fond memories that we attach with a certain meal, or maybe even just the taste of it, but it holds a special place within ourselves. A meal that I hold closely to my childhood and I would have to say is my favorite homemade meal would  be my mum’s homemade macaroni and cheese.

As a child I was never able to see my sister very much, seeing as though she is technically only my half-sister and is eleven years older than I am. We only saw each other every few months at most, and it was rarely ever at my home so it was a special occasion when she came up to spend the night. It became this big preparation, everytime my sister was planing to visit we would know weeks ahead and spend the whole day prepping for our big meal. Homemade mac and cheese happens to be my sister’s favorite dish as well, so it was an essential part of her stay. The meal itself doesn’t really take that long to cook, but the preparation of ingredients, which happens to be my favorite part, takes several hours. The meal preparation time can be seen as a time to catch up and just talk with your relatives; it tends to be a calm time where you can share what you have going on in your life. This is exactly what my family used this time for. My sister would share stories of her life in Connecticut, tell us what she’s been up to, how school has been,. and in return we would do the same. It is possible that the underlying reason behind my love for this dish is because of the association it has to spending time with my older sister.

I am unaware as to where exactly the recipe originates from, but if I were to guess I would say that my mum got lucky and happened to stumble upon it on Google or even Pinterest for that matter. But truthfully, I would much rather like to imagine it as a family recipe passed down a generation or two, leaving it to my sister and I to continue the “legacy.” Ultimately the recipe calls for an unholy amount of cheese and butter, as well as a large amount of macaroni. To be specific, the recipe begins by preheating the oven to three hundred fifty degrees and lightly buttering a deep baking dish. Next a pot of macaroni and vegetable oil is boiled for seven minutes or so, and then drained and moved to a casserole pan. Next, butter is melted and stirred into the macaroni. After, the five or so types of cheeses are added and mixed with two cups of half and half into the same pan as the macaroni, and topped with yet another layer of cheese. If you thought that you had enough butter, you were wrong because now the top is dabbed with yet another layer of butter. Let it bake in the oven for about half an hour and voila, you have an amazing batch of home cooked macaroni and cheese! According to the directions it apparently serves eight people, but the four of us can finish it just fine.

If I were to ever possibly have a family of my own someday I would want to continue my mum’s homemade mac and cheese as a family tradition. I would want for my own family and children to experience what I did as a kid. I am not sure that I would disclose the “real truth” about how it’s simply an internet recipe because I think that takes something away from it. A family recipe has a certain feel to it, like it is a connection passed down through the generations. A family recipe opposed to an internet recipe has more of a sentimental meaning to it as well. It resurfaces memories of a certain place or time in one’s life whether good or bad. There have even been times when my mum has been asked for the recipe by others and I refused to let her give it out in an effort to keep the recipe to strictly family.

Over the years, eating has come to mean so much more than just surviving. We are not scavenging, wondering when our next meal might come along; we sit down together as families and friends to eat home cooked and prepared meals, we know when and what our next meal will be. As humans we are social creatures that thrive off of social situations, eating together gives us an excuse to bond.  Food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of bonding but it can create a strong connection in the end, whether between different cultures or even within your own family. Not every family is as fortunate as mine to have sit down family dinner every night to talk about their day, or anything else that is on their mind so for this I am grateful. However even if as family you were sit down just once a week for a meal it would still be a vital “bonding experience.”